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In any home or office, you have paper. Paper cuts fingers. Cuts hurt. And cuts are messy. FileFingers filing gloves keep your hands safe and clean while making it even easier to handle paper. Thin and light, the 100% breathable nylon shell gently supports your hands in cool, flexible comfort. The special polyurethane coating on the fingertips allows you to manipulate paper with ease and precision. When it comes to handling paper, Filefingers gloves work better than rubber finger tips, finger cots and your bare hands. Filefingers file and office gloves offer your hands complete protection! Put on a pair and give yourself a hand.

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FileFingers are the office essential that make great gifts too! FileFingers filing gloves are the best gloves to avoid paper cuts and protect your hands while making it even easier to file, handle paper and all kinds of home and office equipment. These gloves are the greatest gloves for typing, filing, handling paper, supplies and even dialing your cell phone.

Made from flexible, thin, breathable nylon fabric, these filing gloves are so comfortable, you can wear them all day with ease. They also have special grip tips that make it extra easy to feel and manipulate paper, supplies and equipment -- anything in your home or office. In fact, FileFingers feel even better than your bare hands.

FileFingers filing gloves are great for clerks, cashiers, librarians, home office workers, post office workers, crafters (knitting, quilting, crocheting) and anyone who works with paper and equipment. They are form-fitting, comfortable and come in a neutral white, which is perfect for both women and men.