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Paper Cuts Protection For Home or Office

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*Color gloves run a full size smaller than white gloves

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*Long nails can poke holes. Suggest ordering a larger size.

  Custom colors available with orders of 20 dozen or more.
Email for information.

Product Features

  • 15-gauge seamless machine knit nylon for the perfect balance of quality, durability and flexibility
  • 100% breathable nylon
  • No fingertip seams to irritate or get in your way
  • Polyurethane coating on the fingertips makes it extra easy to manipulate paper


  • Reach into drawers and shelves to retrieve files without getting painful
    paper cuts
  • Dexterous enough to wear while typing, writing or doing any kind of office
    related work

Made just for YOU

  • Clerks
  • Cashiers
  • Remote Workers
  • Executive Assistants
  • Librarians
  • Crafters
  • Anyone who works with paper!


"I was sliced and diced on my first day as a PTM in training. I came home battered, bruised, bleeding and with very dry hands. Thought to myself there has to be a better way as I was placing band aids on my fingers. I began my search online in hopes of finding a remedy to help ease my pain. I came across this website called I ordered them and gave one to one to my co-workers and the rest is history. We are in love with them! The plastic on the cards now open with ease and I no longer having to stop to nurse a paper cut. They keep our hands paper cut free and our hands stay clean. I no longer have dry sand paper hands. Thanks to File-fingers gloves these PTM hands have been saved! Can't live or work with out them!"-- Marilyn Z.

Paper Cuts Protection For Home or Office
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FileFingers are the office essential that make great gifts too! FileFingers filing gloves are the best gloves to avoid paper cuts and protect your hands while making it even easier to file, handle paper and all kinds of home and office equipment. These gloves are the greatest gloves for typing, filing, handling paper, supplies and even dialing your cell phone.

Made from flexible, thin, breathable nylon fabric, these filing gloves are so comfortable, you can wear them all day with ease. They also have special grip tips that make it extra easy to feel and manipulate paper, supplies and equipment -- anything in your home or office. In fact, FileFingers feel even better than your bare hands.

FileFingers filing gloves are great for clerks, cashiers, librarians, home office workers, post office workers, crafters (knitting, quilting, crocheting) and anyone who works with paper and equipment. They are form-fitting, comfortable and come in a neutral white, which is perfect for both women and men.